QUIZ: Guess the Liverpool players who have won the Euros or Copa America!

Liverpool started the summer with 14 representatives across the European Championships and Copa America this summer, but we want to see if you can pick out the Reds who have lifted either trophy.

It is a busy summer for the Reds’ European and South American internationals, with tournaments immediately following on from a taxing 2023/24 season.

Some have played more than others, but all started the summer with the same goal: to lift the trophy in the final.

Time will tell if any Liverpool players get the chance in 2024, following in the footsteps of other Reds in either the Euros or Copa America.

Four players won the Euros while at Anfield, and three at the Copa America – let’s see if you can remember them all seven with only two minutes on the clock!

* Only players who won either the Euros or Copa America while at Liverpool are considered

Good luck!

You’ve got 2 minutes and 7 chances to pick them out!

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