QUIZ: Can you name every Premier League ground Liverpool have played at?

Liverpool have played at 61 different stadiums thanks to more than three decades in the Premier League, but how many do you think you could correctly name?

Each new season offers the chance of a new hunting ground to be added to the away day list with those that come up from the Championship, in 2023/24 it was Luton.

And with Liverpool only one of six ever-presents in the Premier League since its formation in 1992, they have ticked off every ground – sometimes in various disguises thanks to ever-changing sponsors.

With this in mind, we want to see if you can name every top-flight ground the Reds have played at in just 16 minutes.

We have tried to ensure the previous name for any stadiums that have been renamed will be accepted – for some of them, it’s changed quite a few times!

Good luck!

Can you name all 61 of them?

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