Jurgen Klopp declares he will NEVER “manage a different club in England”

Jurgen Klopp knows he needs time out of the game, but he has declared that if he was ever called back to management, it would “never, ever” be for a “different club in England.”

That the 2023/24 season will be Klopp’s last, just less than nine years after he arrived, has been a hard pill to swallow, as how can you replace the seemingly irreplaceable?

It is a job Liverpool’s owners now have on their plate, but for Klopp, what is next still remains an unknown. He has a break at the forefront of his mind before finding a “different purpose.”

That purpose could one day take him back to management, not that he thinks that is possible right now, but if it did, you can be safe in the knowledge that no other club in England will have the honour of calling him their manager.

“I need to find a different purpose as well, I need to have a look for it. If you ask me, ‘Will you ever work as a manager again?’ I would say now no,” Klopp explained during his announcement interview.

“But I don’t know obviously how that will feel because I never had the situation. What I know definitely – I will never, ever manage a different club in England than Liverpool, 100 percent.

“That’s not possible. My love for this club, my respect for the people is too big. I couldn’t. I couldn’t for a second think about it. There’s no chance.

“This is part of my life, we are part of the family, we feel home here. There’s no chance to do that. But all the rest, will I ever work again? Of course, I know myself, I cannot just sit around.

“I will find something else maybe to do. But I will not manage a club or a country at least for a year, that’s not possible, I cannot do that and I don’t want to. That’s all.”

Is right, Jurgen. You’ll always be welcomed back at Anfield!